Onside Chief Executive Message

Across the country and within local communities we are currently facing unprecedented challenges, as we all look to work together to deal with the Coronavirus and its impact on our lives.

At Onside we have been working hard over the past few weeks to make sure that we have plans in place and are taking actions that achieve the following:

  • At all times we are putting the welfare, safety and well-being of our staff, volunteers and service users at the centre of our responses and actions.
  • Everything we do reflects the most up to date guidance and advice, so that we are doing everything possible to limit the spread of the virus
  • We are doing everything possible to continue providing support to the people who use our services. This includes seeking to find creative ways to provide support to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people across Worcestershire and Herefordshire.
  • Our response is coordinated and involves working constructively and creatively with communities and a range of local partners across all sectors.

As more people are affected by social isolation measures, to control the virus, we will be working with partners to adapt our services and models of support. We will use the skills and experience of our team to help local people to get the support they need in both practical terms and to mitigate the impact of isolation on their health and wellbeing. We will keep you updated on these developments and the work we are doing over the coming weeks and provide more specific information on our services, early next week.

As a local charity Onside will do everything possible to support individuals and communities to come through the challenges of the next few weeks and months. Please do get in touch if you have ideas about how we might be able to work with you or provide support.

Kate Harvey

Chief Executive, Onside

Please stay in touch using the usual methods:

Tel: 01905 27525 Email: info@onside-advocacy.org.uk

For further local information and support visit: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/here2help


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