Time bank member Bill says, “I’m over 90 and I don’t get out the house much so it’s been great to meet other members for a coffee now and then.”

Jo who has visited Bill a few times says, “he’s a real character, he’s good company and it feels great to be getting involved in the community.”

Member Gill, another time bank member said, “I already volunteer regularly at a community centre and can now bank my hours through the time bank, so that I can get something back from other members for the hours I put in. I’ve had help in my garden and a shelf put up!”

"Even though my circumstances at home haven’t actually changed. My son is still very ill. I realized the other day, that I haven’t had any panic attacks since about the second week of MoodMaster! I used to have them all the time.....and I mean all the time!! (Regularly.... Sometimes more than once a day). I haven’t had even one recently! I’m feeling so much calmer and more in control. It [MoodMaster] really is making a huge difference to my life" - Verbal feedback given by ‘L’ on Tues 3rd July.

"I now talk more to family and friends about how I am feeling. The sharing of feelings and experience helped me to open up to others." - Written feedback from ‘M’ April 2018. M had joined because of feelings of isolation and loneliness, so the fact that she now feels more able to connect to others was a significant change for her.

"I have been able to start driving again [after not being able to drive or speak after a nasty car accident which resulted in PTSD]. I have also been able to gradually go back to work, due to the strategies I’ve learnt and the support from the group. This was the only thing that helped me. One to one support didn’t." - Verbal feedback from ’A’

‘B’ had shared that he had a drink problem for 18 months before attending MM, due to his marriage breakdown – "I have learnt to master new skills to control my emotional state and outlook on life. I have made significant changes to my lifestyle since attending MoodMaster. I take more exercise, am more relaxed, address problems more logically, identify things that are out of my control and I cannot change." B reported that he had stopped drinking alcohol, used meditation to get to sleep and took himself for a 20 minute walk every day since attending MoodMaster.

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