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Onside's website has been built so that you can change the text size within your internet browser to a size that suits you and alter the contrast settings of the page to increase text legibility.

On every page you will find that you can click the smaller or bigger (+/-) icons on the top right-hand corner of the page to make the text bigger or smaller and the contrast stronger or lesser. 

In newer internet browers, hold down the CTRL/Apple key and press + and - to change text size.

In older browsers, got to View and then Text Size and select you preferred size.

To navigate around the website using your keyboard you will need to use arrow keys to scroll up and down a page. 

To jump from the top to the bottom of the pages use the page up and page down buttons.

Use the tab button to go to the next form field, or hold down shift and press tab if you want to go back to the previous one.

Please do get in touch immediately if you experience any difficulties with regards to our website relating to accessibility.

Please note: To ensure the accessibility settings you choose are maintained across the entire site, we use tiny non-identifyable cookies that expire after 28 days.

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