Advocacy for Parents

Being a parent is an enormously challenging role for most people. If you also have a learning difficulty or mental ill health it can feel even more overwhelming. As one parent commented, “it felt like everyone was against me and I was totally on my own. I was terrified that I would lose my baby.”

We provide advocacy support to parents in these situations. Parents are often caught up in complex legal and child protection processes where professionals may be involved in assessing their ability to parent effectively. They may find it difficult to have their voice and views heard and may feel daunted and overwhelmed. Advocates are also involved in support involving other areas of life such as housing, finance and access to appropriate services and support.

An advocate can provide support to enable parents to articulate their views and perspective and ensure it is heard and taken in to account. They can accompany them to meetings with professionals and ensure that information, advice and guidance is understood and parents are clear about options and processes. They can provide moral support to parents who often feel under pressure and alone. Advocates are not decision makers but can ensure that decisions are fair and transparent and truly reflect the views and experience of the parent.

Referrals to this service can only be made via Children’s Social Workers. For direct referrals we would have to make a charge for the service.

Please note there are seperate referral forms for Herefordshire and Worcestershire. These are downloadable on the links below:

For further information:

Contact: 01905 27525 or accesshub@onside-advocacy.org.uk

Our Parents Advocacy Support leaflet is available to download here:

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