Advocacy services

Advocacy is a way of supporting people to ensure they have their voice heard and their views and wishes are listened to.

Onside provide skilled and trained advocates to offer practical and proactive guidance and support to ensure people facing disadvantage are treated fairly as citizens, have equal rights within all aspects of their lives and have access to the right services. 

Onside provides a range of advocacy services:

What is Advocacy?
Our Advocacy services aim to support people to have their voice heard and their views and wishes and individual needs taken in to account in decision making processes.
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Advocacy for Parents
Being a parent is an enormously challenging role for most people. If you also have a leaning difficulty or mental ill health it can feel even more overwhelming.
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Advocacy in Residential and Daycare Settings
Independent Advocacy in Residential and Day Care Settings – working with you to provide truly person centred care
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Care Act Advocacy
Anyone who receives support from care services, in the community, residential services or in prisons, may be able to have support from an advocate
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Community Advocacy
Free, independent and confidential support to vulnerable or disadvantaged adults
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Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA)
The IMCA is a specialist advocate who will have appropriate training and experience
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Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA)
A statutory right for people detained under the Mental Health Act
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Independent Health Complaints Advocate (IHCA)
A service to support people who want to complain about their NHS care or treatment
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How to get involved and make a difference to local lives
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Support our charity with your donations - your small change makes a big change
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We can provide the support materials to help you raise funds for ONSIDE
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