Corporate Partnerships

Onside are all about people; supporting and empowering them to make informed decisions to live the best life possible. It is an ambitious goal, and the rewards can be lifechanging for those concerned. Our skilled staff and volunteers make a real difference to the lives of over 11,000 people a year across Worcestershire and Herefordshire.


Your Impact in Action

When you partner with Onside, your contributions are transformed into life-changing support. Here’s how your support makes a difference:

  • Advocacy for the vulnerable: Contributions go towards training advocates who stand up for the rights of the disadvantaged, ensuring their voices are heard and respected
  • Empowering Young People: Donations fund work placements that empower young people with learning disabilities, fostering independence and confidence
  • Children and Family Services: Your contributions support our work with children in need of wellbeing and emotional support in schools and at home, helping them thrive in their learning environment and providing parents with guidance and practical solutions
  • Wellbeing Services: With your help, our practitioners deliver support and connect individuals to projects within the community, improving their mental wellbeing and social welfare. This service is vital in addressing mental wellbeing, loneliness and isolation; helping develop skills and foster a sense of belonging and purpose
  • Mental Health Services: Your funding helps expand the delivery of our mental health programmes like MoodMaster and Time Out, providing tools and support for those battling depression and anxiety


How You Can Help

Nominate Onside as your Charity of the Year: Create a sense of pride and purpose - promote and celebrate our partnership and provide learning and development opportunities around the impactful work that we do.

Sponsor a Project or Event: Enable our charitable work to thrive. We can work with you to find or develop a project or event that fits in with your organisations’ values, ensuring publicity opportunities and promotion.

Take up a Challenge: Challenges can be great for team building, whilst raising vital funds that will help us carry on the fantastic work we do in the community.

Work with us on a Project: Does your team have any skills or interests that you could share with us? Let’s work together to address a challenge facing our service users! Your people will make a genuine difference in the lives of our beneficiaries whilst having fun and bonding as a team.

Hold an Event: Have you been thinking of hosting a Corporate Event? Could a percentage of funds raised come to Onside? This would not only help us build on our great projects but could also raise the profile of your business.

Cause-related marketing and supporting our social enterprises: Collaborate with us to create a custom project, event, service or social enterprise and raise money for Onside while also promoting your brand.

Use our Social Enterprise Café and Catering Service: From canapes to catering for large scale events, Mix Café can provide delicious food for all occasions. What's more, ordering from Mix means you are supporting Onside.

See our Corporate Partnership Flyer here