Welcome to the home of all things GAME ON!

What's it all about?

Teams from businesses and organisations across Worcestershire and Herefordshire will compete in an 'It's a Knockout' style event, to be crowned ONSIDE GAME ON! Champions of 2024. Each team will have their very own GAME ON! ambassador guiding, supporting and cheering on the team. 

There will be a range of fun games and activities, including physical and mental challenges, to suit all ages and abilities. Not everyone needs to do everything so, you will need to use your smarts to make sure you understand and play to the strengths of each of your team members. An ideal team will have a broad range of skills, it's not all about physical strength or agility, you will need good problem solvers and logical thinkers too!

Throughout the afternoon you will have the chance to win bonus points with extra activities to boost your team`s chances of being crowned GAME ON! champions.

After the afternoon’s fun and games, team members can invite friends and family to join GAME ON! into the evening for live music, fabulous street food, bar and the inaugural GAME ON! awards ceremony.

A selection of GAME ON! favourites will be available through the evening with an opportunity for family and friends to try out the GAME ON! experience.


         A Flavour of the Games

Ultimate Inflatable Obstacle Course

50ft of high energy challenges, cargo nets, tunnels, slides and climbs

Bungee Challenge

Run for your life to beat your opponent.

Gladiator Jousting Duel

The ultimate test of balance, strength and sheer will to win.

Shoot to Score

Hold your nerve when the pressure is on to score that winning goal

Ride the Waves

Who needs the sea to test your balance, surfing skills and determination.

Mega Puzzle

Not so easy to see the “bigger picture” under pressure.


You will need a cool head and an ace ability to problem solve to escape your fate.

Duck and Dive

Seems simple but will you be the “lucky duckling” or the “lame duck”?

Card Sharp

Do you have the gamblers instinct and nerve to triumph in this classic game?

See It Say It

Sharp eyes, quick thinking needed to beat the clock and spot the sayings

Trust Challenge

A blindfold challenge will put to the test your trust in your team


Never forget a face, always know where your keys are? This is the game for you

ONSIDE Engineering Challenge

Do you have the vision, skill and daring to “outbuild” your opponents

Welly Wanging

The world record is nearly 64 metres!! Think you can get close?

Must be Crackers

What could be easier? At least 3 crackers in 1 minute. “simples”


Please Note: This is subject to change 


12noon Gates Open

12.30pm to 1pm Team Registration

1.15pm Get Set and Warm up

1.30pm Get Go! GAME ON!

5pm Open to friends and family

6pm Awards and Presentations

6.30pm Live music, street food and bar opens.



How do we register a team?     ​                                                                                                      Complete the registration form here and one of the team will get back to you to confirm your spot!  Alternatively, email game.on@onside-advocacy.org.uk. We will then confirm your place and send you an invoice for the entrance fee. 

How will money raised help?                                                                                                                        This vital funding will directly enable ONSIDE to support more vulnerable adults and young people across Worcestershire and Herefordshire.  To find out more about what ONSIDE does, please take a few moments to explore the website.  

What’s the early bird offer?                                                                                                                        Take advantage of the early bird offer by registering your team by 5pm on Friday 23rd February for £200.  The price then increases to £240. 

Why are we asking each team member to raise an additional £30?                                             Many people in communities across Worcestershire and Herefordshire are facing some very tough times.  ONSIDE has developed The Kate Harvey Access Fund to provide direct support to people who are struggling in all sorts of ways.  This additional money raised with go directly into this Access Fund. Examples include winter clothing for families who are struggling, basic furniture and carpets and also access to job interviews by providing transport and smart clothing.

How many are in a team?                                                                                                                              We need a minimum of 6 people to make a team, and a maximum of 10 team members.

If we haven't got the numbers for a full team, can we still take part?                                         Yes, of course. You can partner up with other organisations or get in touch with us and we can link you with someone in the same situation. 

How else can we get involved?                                                                                                                       We have a variety of sponsorship packages you can take advantage of.  We can send you all the information. 

Can we add team members once registered?                                                                                      Yes, of course. Just email any updates to the ONSIDE team at game.on@onside-advocacy.org.uk

What happens when we arrive?                                                                                                                      Make your way to the check in point and you will be allocated a GAME ON! Ambassador who will look after you throughout the afternoon.  

Can we park onsite?                                                                                                                                      Yes, but there is limited space so if you can buddy up and car share that would be a huge help.  

Can we buy food onsite?                                                                                                                            Yes,there will be a pick and mix lunch, including hot food and drinks, from 12noon until 3pm, lovingly prepared by ONSIDE'S very own Mix Cafe. From 5pm there will be a range of street food options available to buy.

When families come later in the day, can they park onsite too?                                                        Yes, as long as there is space, evening guests are more than welcome to park onsite.

Is there a charge for friends and family?                                                                                           There is no charge to attend but wristbands will be available to buy, so they can try out some of the fun games and challenges.