Continuing Healthcare

What is continuing healthcare?

Some people with long-term complex health needs qualify for free health and social care arranged and funded solely by the NHS. This is known as NHS continuing healthcare (CHC).

CHC supports people aged 18+ with long-term ongoing health needs resulting from a disability, accident or illness.  People who are eligible get a package of NHS-funded care that meets their care needs outside of hospital, for example in their own home or care home.

  • If you receive care in your own home the NHS covers the cost of the care and support you need to meet your assessed health and associated care needs, which includes personal care such as help with washing and getting dressed. 
  • If you receive NHS continuing healthcare in a care home the NHS pays your care home fees.


How can Onside support with CHC?

The assessment process can seem complex. Onside can support healthcare professionals, such as nurses and social workers, with the following elements of CHC:

  • CHC Checklists - these are largely undertaken by care homes at the point of admission. Social workers may be supporting with care and support needs and an advocate may be involved with the process.
  • Decision Tools Assessment - this will be completed by a CHC nurse to determine if the person has care needs that require nursing care funding or social care funding. If a person is eligible for an advocate at this point then either a health or social care worker may make a referral via the Onside Access Hub.
  • CHC Review - the needs and support package will normally be reviewed within 3 months and thereafter at least annually. This review will consider whether the existing care and support package meets the individual's assessed needs. An advocate will support where necessary.
  • CHC Appeal - everyone has the right to launch an appeal, and many people do. However, it can be a long, complex and stressful process. An advocate may need to support the person to appeal the outcome of any changes to care.


Getting in Touch

If you feel an advocate could be helpful for you or someone you know then you can get in touch directly with our Access Hub on 01905 27525 or Accesshub@onside-advocacy.org.uk.  They will explain more about our services and discuss your specific situation.

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