If you would like to show support for Onside and make a donation, please do so via our JustGiving page.

How do your donations help Onside?

£10 means a lonely, isolated older person will be able to have a friendly chat with one of our amazing volunteers

£50 will pay for a mentor to help a lonely and isolated older person to find friends and activities in their local community

£100 will mean we can support someone who has experienced mental health problems to learn skills as a Peer Mentor and help another person facing mental health difficulties

£150 will pay for a mentor to spend time with someone recently diagnosed with young onset dementia

£200 will train a volunteer advocate who over a year could support 10 vulnerable people and protect their rights

£300 means we can offer a placement in our Café Mix enabling a person with learning difficulties or mental ill health to transform their lives and to gain the skills and confidence they need to move in to training, employment or volunteering

£400 provides an advocate to ensure a vulnerable person does not face neglect, abuse or exploitation. Someone like Jim, who has learning difficulties and was persuaded by his brother to take out a loan and then left to pay back money that his brother had taken from him, or Sally who had moved to a care home following a fall and was desperate to go home. No one was listening and with no family or friends to help she had become more and more depressed and was losing hope of ever returning home

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