Our aim is to finance our activities through a broad range of funding bodies to ensure we remain independent and to support long term sustainability. During an average twelve months we deliver services to around 8500 people and we could help so many more if we had additional funds.

Fundraising Contact

Alice Braddick, Director of Services and Business Development
Tel: 01905 27525
Email:  alice.braddick@onside-advocacy.org.uk 


Companies can sponsor Onside in a number of ways and show their own support for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our community. Sponsorship can be in the form of cash donations, goods or services.

We hold and participate in a variety of events throughout the year and produce a number of publications. If you would like to talk to us about sponsoring an event, a publication, donating equipment or even running kit while, at the same time, raising awareness of your organisation and brand please ring:

Contact: Alice Braddick, Director of Services and Business Development 
Tel: 01905 27525
Email:  alice.braddick@onside-advocacy.org.uk 

Donations in Wills

Onside has been working to support vulnerable and disadvantaged adults since 1993, in an average year we work with around 8500 people who face a number of challenges in their lives from bereavement and old age to disability and mental ill health.

We provide support through paid staff and dedicated volunteers. We couldn’t do this without donations. An important way that you can support Onside to continue its work is by leaving a legacy in your will, this could be a simple cash payment or a percentage of the residual estate.

If you wish to do this you should consult with your solicitor and provide them with the name and details of the charity:

ONSIDE Independent Advocacy
Williamson House
14 Charles Street

Charity Registration Number: 1102022

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