YourSpace Mental Health and Wellbeing Hubs for Children and Young People aged 11-25 available in community locations across Worcestershire.

YourSpace recognises the need for early support to help children and young people cope better with their mental health and wellbeing and prevent escalation to more serious mental health difficulties.

YourSpace provides a single point of early access, without the need for an appointment or referral* to both one to one and group support for children and young people.


Who we can help

YourSpace can help children and young people facing a range of issues including:

  • Low mood, anxiety and stress
  • Improving self esteem, confidence, and building resilience
  • Managing emotions
  • Support with relationships, family, friends, bullying and boundary setting
  • Self care, exercise, sleep, routines and motivation
  • Difficulties in school and college
  • Online safety
  • Housing and benefits

YourSpace may also facilitate access to more intensive support and interventions


What we can offer

YourSpace will deliver support to meet individual needs within a relaxed and informal space. This could include:

  • Dedicated one to one tailored support from a Wellbeing and Emotional Support Practitioner
  • Group sessions
  • Facilitation of Peer Support


The aim of YourSpace is to:

  • Increase the ability of the child or young person to effectively manage their own emotional wellbeing
  • Improve mental and physical health outcomes
  • Develop skills and techniques to cope better with stress, anxiety and challenging life events
  • Improve access to skills, training and employment
  • Support housing needs including accessing advice and information
  • Support the individual to become more active and engaged within their communities


Where you can find YourSpace:


To refer into YourSpace: *

*No referral is required for anyone over 16 years. Those under 16 will need a parental/professional referral below, with parental consent. However, if you are over 16 and you do wish to self refer and submit your details for us to contact you, please complete the self referral form below

Self Referral Form

Professional Referral Form

Onside are delighted to be working in partnership with Droitwich Wellbeing Hub in the delivery of YourSpace as well a range of venue host partners.

YourSpace is funded by the Department for Health and Social Care

Meet the Team

  Candice Virr - YourSpace Wellbeing Service Manager

CAF Candice V.png
  • various locations across Worcestershire
   Shannon Allen - YourSpace Wellbeing and Emotional Support Practitioner
Shannon Allen.jpg
  • The Old Needleworks, Redditch
  • The Hive, Worcester
  • Redditch - venue to be confirmed
 Rachel Turvey - YourSpace Wellbeing and Emotional Support Practitioner
Rachel Turvey.jpg
  • The Old Needleworks, Redditch
  • The Hive, Worcester
  • Redditch - venue to be confirmed
 Saffron Nisbett - YourSpace Wellbeing and Emotional Support Practitioner
Saffron Nisbett.JPG


  • Riverside Health and Wellbeing Hub, Evesham
  • Malvern Cube
  • Droitwich Wellbeing Hub



  Libby Fox - YourSpace WESP
Libby Fox.png
  • location tbc
  Coming Soon - YourSpace WESP
Green Placeholders.png
  •    location tbc
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