Why We Do It

We want to help create a world where everyone, whatever their situation, disability, health problems or circumstances is respected, treated fairly and does not face prejudice, exploitation or abuse. Where they have the support they need to lead the best life possible and be a valued and valuable member of their community.

In a fast paced, complex world with more fragmented communities where families are scattered and there are few natural support networks, many people can find themselves lost and excluded and very vulnerable. People may lack the skills and confidence to speak up and/or to ask for or access the help they need. They may be unable to protect themselves and have a voice as a result of conditions such as dementia, severe learning disabilities or acute mental health problems. Often those least able to navigate and understand complicated systems and processes are those most likely to have to do so and inevitably find themselves at a disadvantage.

That is where we at Onside come in and why we feel passionately that advocacy and mentoring support is vital for many vulnerable and disadvantaged people. 

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values

We are passionate about what we do, means:

  • enabling and supporting people to change their lives for the better
  • doing things with energy and enthusiasm
  • having a sense of humour and making work fun 

valuing difference, means:

  • accepting people for who they are and for what they can give
  • recognising individual achievement
  • seeing the potential in people
  • appreciating different views and opinions 

being creative in our approach, means:

  • looking for different ways to do things
  • promoting opportunities to grow and develop
  • facilitating self-reliance and sustainable communities 

committed to fairness and justice, means:

  • people are listened to, valued, and respected
  • providing equal access to services and support
  • breaking down barriers to promote an inclusive society
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