What We Do

We provide a range of support and services for adults who may be vulnerable, disadvantaged, discriminated against or excluded. This includes people experiencing mental or physical ill health, sensory impairment and learning difficulties as well as those affected by dementia, frailty in older age, drug or alcohol misuse or who have caring responsibilities.

Our services are designed to ensure that everyone has a voice and a say in decisions affecting their lives and that they have access to the services and support they need to enable them to live the best life possible. We focus on making sure people are seen and treated as individuals and their needs and wishes are fully respected.


Advocacy is a way of supporting people to ensure they have their voice heard and their views and wishes are listened to.

Onside Advocacy provides skilled and trained advocates to offer practical and proactive guidance and support to ensure  people facing disadvantage are treated fairly as citizens, have equal rights within all aspects of their lives and have access to the right services.

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Wellbeing Services

Onside Wellbeing Services recognise the vital role that Wellbeing plays in determining a persons physical and mental health.

We support individuals to tackle the issues that are impacting on their wellbeing and provide support to develop tips and techniques for living better.

Onside Wellbeing Services provide support to enable people facing exclusion or isolation through disability, mental ill health or age to become more engaged in their communities. Through involvement in leisure and social opportunities, learning and education, volunteering and with  stronger social networks.

Our projects include:

  • Plus (People Like Us) - Combatting Loneliness and Isolation in Worcestershire.

  • Social Prescribing - Helps people to take control of their health.

  • Lifestyle Advisor Service - Providing practical tips, advice and support to help people make changes to their lifestyle.

  • Peer Support - Linking people who have experienced mental ill health, with individuals transistioning from Secondary to Primary mental health services.

  • Moodmaster - Equipping people with simple tools and techniques to mange life's ups and downs

Dementia Services

Onside provides a range of services to support people living with dementia. Our specialist areas are support for people living with young onset dementia, the provision of peer support and dementia cafes for people of all ages living with dementia.

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Support into Employment

Onside provide two main options for Employment Support depending on an individual needs:

  • Building Better Opportunities (BBO) - Our Job Coaches offer support when people are looking for work or want to engage in training or education. Acting as one point of contact to plan and monitor progress towards job or training goals.

  • Advocacy Works Employment Support (Inclusive Growth) - Advocacy Works prioritises vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals facing personal or systemic barriers which are holding them back on their journey into employment or to sustain employment.

Appropriate Adult

Appropriate Adult Service supports vulnerable adults when they have been detained by the police for interview. People with mental ill health and/or learning disabilities may be particularly vulnerable to the distress and pressures caused by the experience of arrest and police detention. Onside offers the support of an 'appropriate adult' to people who find themselves in such situations.

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