ActOnIt is designed to provide children and young people with the skills and techniques to better manage their own emotional wellbeing and improve their confidence and self-esteem.

This will result in students who cope better with stress, anxiety and life challenges, to enable them to participate fully in life and learning.

ActOnIt is for any student in year 7 or above.

ActOnIt will support students to:

  • Improve their confidence & resilience
  • Develop strategies and techniques to improve wellbeing
  • Encourage healthy relationships
  • Manage low level mental ill health
  • Deal with and tackle conflict
  • Adjust to high school
  • Cope with exam stress
  • Access other appropriate services

Students that may benefit include those who:

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  • Experience low self-esteem or lack of confidence
  • Face adversity
  • Have caring responsibilities
  • May struggle with life at home
  • Have difficulties coping with the high school transition
  • Experience low level mental or physical ill health

ActOnIt will support students via:

Dedicated 1:1 appointments:

  • Individual tailored support plans and goal setting  
  • Drop in sessions
  • Supported participation in activities
  • Assisted communication between children and parents
  • Supported decision making 

Group work:

  • ‘Blues’ and ‘Bouncing Back’ programmes
  • Facilitated peer support

Blues programme is an early-intervention evidence-based CBT programme designed to equip young people aged 13-19 with tools and techniques to help manage anxiety and depression.  The group work intervention is delivered over 6 weeks and is an interactive mix of in-session learning and home practice of cognitive reforming techniques which can help young people manage their day-to-day emotional wellbeing and reduce the risk of more intense mental health issues.

Bouncing Back is an early-intervention resilience-building CBT informed programme for young people age 11–19 years old to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Delivered over 2 weeks it comprises group discussion with practical tools and coping skills which enable children and young people to manage their day-to-day emotional wellbeing and reduces the risk of more intense mental health issues.


All referrals for ActOnIt should come directly from each individual school.

If you feel a child/young person would benefit from the ActOnIt service - please contact the Head of Year at the relevant school. Please be aware we cannot take referrals that have not come directly from the school.

Meet the Team

  Faye Williams - Children and Young People Programme Manager
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Faye is programme manager for ActOnIt


  Rachel Fenwick - 1:1 Support Team
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  • St Egwin's C of E Middle School
  • Woodrush High School


  Shannon Fox - 1:1 Support Team
AOI shannon.png
  • Tudor Grange Academy School, Worcester
  • Blackminster Middle School


  Lucy Keevil - 1:1 Support Team
AOI lucy k.png
  • The Bewdley School
  • Stourport High School and 6th form College


  Jade Morgan - 1:1 Support Team
AOI jade.png
  • Christopher Whitehead Language College
  • St Barnabas CE First and Middle School
  • Abbey Park Middle School
  Debbie Mound - 1:1 Support Team
AOI debbie M.png
  • Hagley Catholic High School


  Debbie Nicholds - 1:1 Support Team
AOI debbie N.png
  • Droitwich Spa High School
  • Westacre Middle School


  Stuart Stokes - Group Work Team
  • Service Co-ordinator


 Leanne Fox - Group Work Team
  • Young Persons Practitioner


 Wendy Watkins - Group Work Team
  • Young Persons Practitioner


 Matthew Little - Group Work Team
  • Young Persons Practitioner